Dual-Axle Vehicles and Transfer Cases

Some cars and trucks have the ability to switch from 2-wheel drive operation into 4-wheel drive operation on-demand. Many such vehicles include parts called transfer cases in their designs. Transfer cases are special devices that are located in or near regular transmissions. When activated, transfer cases can route extra power from the main transmission to the various drive wheels of the vehicle in question. This feature can provide drivers like you with valuable bad-weather driving capabilities.

Some vehicles with transfer cases have dual-axles. These enable power from the transfer case to reach the tires that need them. While they are durable, dual-axle equipped vehicles require regular preventative maintenance checks. Here at our car repair facility in the Stuttgart, AR area, we field a number of experienced and certified transmission system specialists who can give your dual-axle truck the attention that it requires. For a no-obligation talk about your unique needs, swing by Petrus Auto Sales today.

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